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Civil Rights Trip


Program Description:


For the past eleven years, students from The Park School and Baltimore City College High School embarked on a Civil Rights Trip. Three Years ago, students from City Neighbors High School joined the group. This seven-day trip enables a diverse group of students to visit historic sites and museums commemorating the civil rights movement. We visit sites in Atlanta, Birmingham, Montgomery, Memphis, Greensboro, Little Rock, New Orleans and Selma. In addition, the group meets with many civil rights leaders and activists who participated in the movement. 

Program Goals:


The trip provides a historic context for students to engage in meaningful conversations about racism, social privilege, educational inequality, and economic disparity in the United States. It also provides students from public and private schools the opportunity to share a common experience. The trip's function is to empower students to return to Baltimore more committed to fighting for equality and social justice. With the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board as our compass, we intend to examine the state of public education and create ways to advocate for equitable opportunities in Baltimore's schools.































Essays are due Monday February 2,2014. Essays should be turned in to Michonne or Teacher John  


Directions: Choose one of the following questions and write a response addressing one of the following questions. There is no liimit on length of response, however they should be thorough and complete. 


1. You are the Mayor of Baltimore. What woud you say are Baltimore's top 3 societal issues and what would you do to try and fix those issues? 

2. Do you think that segregation is still alive? Why do you think so? What can you do to shed light on the issue? Use examples to explan.

3. The importance of education is an underlying theme in the Civil Rights movement. Why do you think that this is so? What have you done to maximize or minimize your education? Explain.



Student Clubs


Chess Club:

City Neighbors High School Chess Club is held after school on Mondays from 4:00 to 5:15 p.m. Chess club is open to students and all levels of playing ability...beginner to seasoned player. The object is to learn the game of chess and improve. We play lots of chess! Students participating in the chess club may be selected to the CNHS chess team, which will compete against other high schools in the area as part of the Baltimore Kids Chess League.






























City Neighbors high school Band meets every morning from 8:30 am until 9:00 am. The band consists of students who have developed a love and appreciation of music and would like to express this love by performing in class. Any one who wants to learn how to sing or play an instrument is welcome to join the band. If you need anymore information, please see Mr. Eric Perkins ins the music room.





Advocacy Club: 

Drill Team:

Drama Club: 

Fashion Club:

Art Club: 

January 2014 group with Dr. Sybil Hampton

Video summarizing the Civil Rights Trip by: Baylor (Park School) 

Students strategizing their next moves in Chess Club

Trip Dates:

Trip 1: January 18, 2014- January 24, 2014 

Trip 2: April 26, 2014- May 2, 2014


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