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City Neighbors High School Staff


(Pictures coming soon) 

Danique Dolly 



Intersting fact: I've attended or worked at schools since age 3 and I have never worked or been anwhere else.

Cheyanne Zahrt 

Assistant Principal


Interesting Fact: I ran over 1,000 miles in 2015. 


Support Staff:

Raven Hughes

Office Manager 


Intersting Fact: I believe ALL people are AWESOME.


Amy Krulak 

Social Worker, Special Educator


Interesting Fact: I am not Sooz.

Kim Green



Interesting Fact:

Sooz Laugen 

Community Outreach/Internships 


Interesting Facts: I sing 2nd Soprano in a local choir

Michonne Gamble-Rivers 

Director of special Projects/Advisor


Intersting Fact: I like to scrapbook.

Suzie McDonough 



Intersting Fact: I was dressed in a Jelly Belly Bean costume at the White House for 4 years during high school for their easter egg hunt.

Morgan Moller
Transtition Social Worker
I used to be a goat farmer.
Deirdre Holmes

Guidance Counselor


Interesting Fact: I am addicted to the tv show FRASIER, I watch an episode almost daily.

Anthony Rollins 



Interesting Facts: I like to sky dive, travel and read.


John Morrow  

World HIstory/Advisor


Interesting Fact: I have visited all 50 states, and over 20 coutries. I have been by his holiness the 14th Daiai Lama.

Andrea Rhea
Environmental Science
I've jumped out of a plane, but I hate flying.
Sean Martin 

English 3/Advisor


Interesting Fact: I can't stop learning. I love to travel. I am generally lost in serveral books at once.

Lindsey Winand



Interesting Fact: I am 100% Colombia, born in Bogota.

Rushie Mcleod
English 1/Advisor
Reading is my favorite pastime.
Akeish Forsythe 

Algebra 1/Advisor


Interesting Fact: Became a teacher after careers as a Research analyst and employment counselor through the Teach For America - New Teacher Project.

Brynn Toops 

US History/Advisor/Chess Coach


Interesting Fact: I believe aliens exist.   

Michael Streeter
Algebra 1/Varsity Mens Basketball Coach/Guys Group Elective Teacher
I am the youngest boy of 25 children.
Jenni Williams

English 2/Advisor 


Interesting Fact: I want to move to New Zealand with her family

Elise Delamatre 

English 4/Advisor 


Interesting Fact: I love the outdoors and all competitive games and sports!

Tamara Jolly    



Interesting Fact: I have been skydiving and traveled to almost every european country.

Ben Alamed 



Interesting Fact: Once spent 4 months in the woods walking from maine to virginia.

Audrey Codner-Gibson


Business Math/Pre-Calculus/Advisor


Interesting Fact: I'm always at work!

Christina Ross
I am a twin.

Elective Teachers:

Justin Eames
Fab Lab Guru
I am an avid photographer
Alisha Marchewka
Art Teacher/Art Integration Specialist
I grew up in a town of 400 people in southern oregon.
Bonnie Sandone  

Physical Education 


Interesting Fact: I played soccer for Salisbury University.

Jess Thompson 



Intersting Fact: I am passionate about animals and rescued my favorite three years ago, the wondrous miracle mutt, Mr. Wilson.

Special Education:

Rodney Wallace
Special Educator
Huge sports fan! Go Philadelphia Eagles! I also love to cook, eat, and excersize!
Michelle Turnof 

Special Educator/Advisor


Interesting Fact: I love making homemade cards jewelry and scrapbooking.

Howard Perkins  

Special Educator/Advisor


Interesting Fact: I make music and videos. 

Tia Webb
Special Educator/SGA Advisor
Michelle Tavares

Sepecial Educator/Advisor


Interesting Fact: I moved from Providence, RI. to help start City Neighbors High School. This has been the best school and staff I have worked with. I am passionate about progressive education.

Moses Roberts 

Special Educator/Advisor


Interesting Fact: I am still waiting to be drafted by the Washington Redskins.

Ellen D'Angelo
Special Educator
My father and I have the same birthday.
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